The first place where tourists try to find information about services or goods is Internet. How to improve your site? They just don’t have another more trusted sources of an information! It’s very true for Cyprus and similar touristic places. So, you have just to make your site more informative – and the stream of customers is automatically guaranteed.

If you already created a site but you don’t see any effect from it. It means you have made something wrong. Let’s find what. Lets start from the very beginning, answer these 5 questions below. Answers write down on a paper.

1. What is your website purpose?
2. What are the main actions should make the visitor?
3. What percentage (exact number) visitors converted into buyers?
4. How much money should bring your website?
5. What marketing and advertising actions provide the greatest return?

Easily answered everything? You are smart businessman. But perfection is infinitive. Subscribe to my blog – later I will show more advanced techniques.

If you can not answer on any of these questions – you are in trouble and you should continue reading.

Which category you could include your website?

1. Expensive “trinket.” Invested a lot of money in a beautiful design, so
like all large companies have long been sites. Prestigious, but
little effect on increasing sales, for some reason, we do not notice that fact …
2. Business card. A lot of information, pictures of products.
3. The expert. Simple and user friendly website. Which, as a doctor, carefully
listen, help and recommends to buy the right “medicine”.

And the best for sells for the site to be an expert. But not to be one of alls!

A sort of simple “shop assistant” that helps to understand …

Ok, I think it’s clear, if not – welcome to comments!

You most probably (I hope so) know who are your target visitors and where they come from. But how to do they chose you?

Make a list of benefits that the client receives from your suggestions. Write down on a paper.
This may be the quality, price, speed, service, your unique experience and rewards, technical features and properties, or any exotic fetish. Cross out all the ones that have a competitor or not critical for your audience. The rest is your unique features.
Nothing left? uh, narrow the list of your competitors. Or think harder may be you can add something?

Let your uniqueness permeates should be red line through promotional materials!

And still I have a lot of other questions about your site 🙂

Your site name and where did you get your content? What is site CMS, who and how did it for you? But actually what statistics tools do you use?

What advertising media do you use?

How is your landing page looks like? and so on… let’s continue in our conversation, follow my blog 🙂