VK nowadays is biggest European social network btw. To have an account there is good idea already because of fact – there you can listen for your favorite music for free. There are many plugins for Chrome and Firefox which can help you to download the music in mp3. I don’t know how long Rights Holders will be bear to this fact

If for some reason you already decided that you need to create an app for VK, here is a few things you have to know. First of all – official API documentation:

Second the URL :

Third, you have to have an account with linked phone number. You have to confirm your actions by sms there.

And last: except of the main image, which can be any size and goes to be resized you have to have

Icon 16×16, Screen shots: images smaller then 5 Mb, jpg, png, gif or bmp with dimensions 607x376px.

So called “Big picture” – not over 5 Mb, jpg, png, gif or bmp of 186x116px.

If you want to develop your game for VK you can order it, just contact me, we would think out something for sure