It’s an app that utilizes the energy of the person’s wishes, desires, goals, and dreams as expressed in a written form to energize and activate the mystical and metaphysical powers of the Yamatech® resulting in the acceleration of the manifestation of the experience that they have asked for.

The Wish Manifestation App™ is designed to manifest your wishes and anything else that your heart desires using many channels of manifestation. Working with the law of attraction to help you remove, on an energetic level; any negative thought or belief patterns that you may have is only one way.

In reality there many more advanced laws of attraction that we are not even aware of that also need to be utilized in order to successfully attract what we want and you can be assured that the Wish Manifestation App uses them all!

The art of manifesting is now called The Wish Manifestation App – Your Spiritual Ally™.

In the heart of the Wish Manifestation app is the Yamatech®. A metaphysical tool inspired by the Yantra and Mandala ancient paintings and how they were used in the Hindu and Buddhist traditions. Furthermore. They then have been modified, enhanced, amplified, and animated using technology.

Yamatechs® can be programmed by people in many ways. These programs take the form of a particular energy (wish, desire, and goal) which depending on the energy, the Yamatech® can respond to and energetically assist the user through various channels, including that of their Higher Self to attract the necessary resources and synchronistic events. It can even enlighten and create insightful ideas and thoughts in their day-to-day lives that will bring them closer to the manifestation of their wish. Similarly, they can also counteract existing or future negative energies (obstacles) that can get in the way of the desired energies that the user wants to experience.

This is the first of its kind – a one off; meta-technology that you can program and activate to accelerate the manifestation of your desires! Think of this app as your spiritual ally working with you and for you in the background; orchestrating the events that need to take place so your wish can be manifested. This is not a fantasy-genie-like app that will promise to manifest your wish in an instant and without any effort on your behalf! At the right moment you will be called on to take the right action that will lead you to the fulfillment of your wish or accomplishment of your goal!

The Wish Manifestation App™ literally sets the law of attraction in motion!

Are you tired of going through this journey called life alone? Do you want a spiritual power helping you in all of your endeavors?

Do you feel sometimes that the whole world conspires against you?

Do you wish instead to have the whole world conspiring to assist you in accomplishing all of your wishes, desires and goals in life?

If you are currently frustrated with the way things are going in your life, not getting what you want due to delays , glitches and only after having to overcome so many unnecessary obstacles – wouldn’t you like to have someone who is really powerful working for you in the background, bringing you what you want, removing all unnecessary obstacles enabling the manifestations of your wishes, desires, and goals .If your answer is yes then the Wish Manifestation App™ utilizing the powerful Yamatechs® is what you need!

If this relates to your situation, then the Wish Manifestation App™ is for you!

Vasilkoff team use native languages to create application for android and IOS for the best UX experience.

For full instructions on how to use this up please visit: www.evolvinghumans.org

Download the app for android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=org.evolvinghumans.wishmanifistationfree&hl=en_US&gl=US