Programmer is mostly required to be smart and sometimes even creative for the “top”… But what we have instead? lol

Rushing all the time and nothing achieving, loaded with lots of work and commit stupid mistakes in the code. If you recognized your situation, you need to improve your time management like me

Thats I put the list of my own Programmer’s Time Management Mistakes:

1. You work late into the night

Yes, I know about the owls and larks and their eternal debate. Yes, different people have different bio-rithms and the time of maximum activity alone may not coincide with the peak performance of others. Yes, you need to take into account when scheduling individual characteristics. But listen, it’s not a reason to go to the night life! The man, in contrast to many other predators is diurnal and a fundamental change in your biological programs do no good. I will say more, if you are addicted to work at night, then either your job or your family, or your health will soon say goodbye to you. In the worst case, they can go away simultaneously.

2. Senseless morning

Usually the first few hours after waking up a person spends in a state of idleness. And you have a plan to do today, and some tasks are urgent, but you don’t want to start right now. Yet a full day ahead, you think – still have plenty of time… In fact, hour after hour passed, and you just can not make you to start. As a result of your work day flows smoothly into the night (see first paragraph). Escape from this situation is one. If you know what you need to do, then do it in the morning. As early as possible. Try it once and you will be surprised that beautiful feeling when the clock is only ten in the morning, and you’re already half way done. Then you can and drink coffee, and take a walk – with a clear conscience and a sense of accomplishment.

3. You have no time for rest

Many programmers are in love with his work, often mind-blowing and they work almost without a break. Got up – stuck in a laptop – worked all day – I do not remember what to eat – fell to sleep for a couple of hours. This schedule can take a right to exist as an extreme case of a short-term measure to hectic activity, but if it becomes a daily practice, the situation is bad. Life – it’s a marathon, and sprinters rarely get to the end. Develop yourself a normal schedule of work and rest, ruthless hand turn off the computer at the scheduled time. You can not do – ask for a wife, mother, neighbor: then you’ll be grateful.

4. Your standard response: “I can not, I’m very busy”

If you are invited to visit, to the cinema or for a walk, but you do always respond with the above words – in your schedule is clearly something wrong. I do not mean that we should throw all on the first call, but if you do not have a few weeks to get up from your desk, you will continue to only get worse. Gradually, you will become a chained slave to the computer, which only makes forays into the kitchen and the bathroom. Do not be afraid to even postpone important work, do not be afraid to miss something important. In the end, we work to live, but not vice versa. Pauses, breaks, weekends and holidays, during which you will really relax.

5. You work swoops

The so-called “student schedule” is always pulling from the beginning, and then sit down and do everything in a couple of days, nights before the deadline for delivery of the project. No, we’re not going to talk now about the quality of this work, we will leave it to customers. The problem is that the lack of self-discipline and a clear timetable sooner or later let you down and you screw up the timing. Try to have the first phase up to a timetable for implementation of the project and clearly stick with it. Do not delay at all last night, better than vice versa – leave yourself a little time to spare. It will save your nerves and you and your customers.

6. You do not have hobbies and other interests

Recently, a very reprinted assertion that “if you want to succeed, you have to fall in love with your work”. Perhaps at some point this is true, but the person who has a short-circuit on the same topic, does not produce the best possible experience. Try to find yourself interested in any more than the work area. Better diametrically opposite. In the end, be harmoniously developed person is not as important as a good worker. No time? Another reason to implement a correct schedule of the day and planning.

7. You read less than one book a month

Reading is a very important thing to do for everyone without exception. It is especially important to read the freelancers who can not afford to relax and sit on their homes. Free staff always on the lookout, always one step ahead of their “regular” counterparts, so should not neglect such a great way of getting information and ideas for creativity.

8. You do not play sports

No need to go to the office, and indeed, in general, to go out can turn out awards to the highest punishment. You have all the chances to turn into a thick fat pig. Therefore, consciously and purposefully find the strength to take it by the scruff and dispose of her body on the street, get on the treadmill, hung on the horizontal bar.

From this last sin I almost break free. I liked to swim

It became possible after I moved to Cyprus. And I hope to move here permanently soon!