Naviaddress is a new digital decentralised address platform.

With Naviaddress you can assign an address even to a hundred-year-old tree in a city square or explain how to get to the office by sending a link to the address.

View existing Naviaddress and create new ones. Add your nee Naviadrresses to your favourites and share them with friends in one touch.

We developed Naviaddress to enhance your interaction with the addresses you (regularly) use. Our aim is to become a new digital addressing system for the XXI century.

Naviaddress allows users to turn a lengthy, letter or symbol-based postal address into a short, convenient digital address – a string of digits (called a “Naviaddress”) that is easy to remember, communicate and share. In addition to postal naviaddress, the system allows to create any quantity of random or unique digital addresses and add metadata linked to them (route description, contact number, social network links, photos and other relevant information that can guide you, your friends or your clients along the way to reach the destination faster).

Create your own naviaddresses for your home, office, country house, your parents, dog sitter, fitness center, restaurants, clubs and favorite places — virtually any place you go or even places you would like to go back to. And the app allows you to share them with one, simple click.

Naviaddress is easy to use. It consists of only digits, so it’s understandable in any language, making it easy to communicate, repeat, understand and write down. Soon the world’s addresses will be at your fingertips!

Any registered Naviaddresses can be found via the Naviaddress application or on the website map https://naviaddress.com/map.

Learn more about Naviaddress:

• www.naviaddress.com

• instagram.com/naviaddress/

• https://vk.com/naviaddress

• https://twitter.com/naviaddress/

• https://medium.com/@naviaddress

• https://www.facebook.com/naviaddressplatform/

• https://www.linkedin.com/company/naviaddress/

More questions? We’re happy to answer them!

Please contact us at feedback@naviworldcorp.com