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What do we do

SmrtSgn is a regtech startup which can help effectively regulate the markets of Virtual currencies (according to AMLD5) and Decentralized Securities and Finances.
And why it is important

Blockchain is an excellent technology, which is an important step in the development of human civilization. It has the potential to significantly improve the life of every person on Earth by creating things that are still new in our time:

  • Crypto currency market
  • Decentralized finances
  • Decentralized Legal Agreements
You may be interested in purchasing SMRT16 due to the properties of this token.
It features a four-level referral program built into its Smart Contract token sale, which aims to decentralize project marketing. The token operates on-chain, with no external management involvement. The goal of the project is to attract attention and generate financial benefits for token holders through funding from token sales and marketing bonuses.
The project is fully functioning with approximately 500 users and we are currently working on adding additional options for convenience and to enable scalability.