Who is creative – earns much, who solves not trivial and complex problems – earns much. And yes, now I speak about software developers, thou, who writes high quality code – earns much. And here is one more but very important thing, earns much only who can do everything mentioned above fast! World is too fast now, it will not wait. If you can solve complex task but need months for it – you will not earn much. May be you even will earn nothing.. If you are snail-man – you will most probably die in modern community lol

But is it possible to be creative and fast in the same time? Yesterday, I would answer: what can you see world moves fast: so, here is people who are that creative and fast who force it. How? I think, those people are just more talented that average. But do you know what? I dont think so any more. The true sounds as always funny: they are usual humans like we are

They just know something more about self organization and time management.

Here are a lot of books nowadays about Time Management. These books are very popular, most of them are bestsellers. And it’s not a wonder, because it’s really the problem of the century for many people. I read many of them and in many of them I found ideas which helps me everyday. But here is something I want to add. It’s a newbie in Time Management invention which indeed is the wheel invention. Or may be it’s a summary from all those book, the main thing which I extracted and mixed with my life experience? Judge your self.

Do your work rested and with clear mind.

Sounds simple. Simplicity for me it’s a sign of truth

But simple things are still hard to understand and utilize! I found that in the morning it’s time when I have very high productivity when I did not start of anything yet. Just got up and start to do the work like a zombie

Two hours of such a work usually bring more result then all previous busy day! Note that I said ‘usually’ – so, it happens so most of times. Obviously, there are some factors on which it depends on.

Master of creativity and productivity

By a legend Leonardo da Vinci napped for 15 minutes every 4 hours. After all the centures centuries whole the world still wondering about his extraordinary talent. Leonardo was the outstanding genius of his time. He is said to have had an extensive knowledge and understanding far beyond his times of most of the sciences. Here are talks about the secrets of big the master. Skeptics even say that it is impossible that one man can do everything that Leonardo did during a one human’s lifetime.

The science still can not give us a complete answer why do we need to sleep. But I think we don’t need to know why do we need to sleep to realize that to sleep is good for us! Let’s better listen our body and get practical benefits from sleeping.

Keep only one task in your brain

We are learned to create a list of our tasks. Draw a table which divides all of our businesses on important and not important, urgent and not urgent.

This technique is invented to help us to select a one deal which comes on top as most important and urgent to start with. But sometimes we don’t have a positive effect. It happens so: we recollect all the troubles and write down it in the table. Then realize that we have a lot of important and urgent things. Then we load all these in our brain. And as a result get it overloaded. But by hard will force ourselves to start with something, feeling unconcentrated, worrying and depressed.

Concentration is way to success. Morning or just a moment after you awake is a time when you can easily concentrate on a one thing. Before all other things not surfaced in your mind start to do you main work. For that program yourself on that before your sleep. Just say yourself: I have to sleep now and when I wake up I will do that. But don’t try to think about your problem in your bed! Or you risk to get an insomnia instead lol

If you are one from those people who chronically worrying – you are patient of Dale Carnegie

You have not just read his How to Stop Worrying and Start Living – but seems to learn by heart! This is the way better then antidepressant drugs and alcohol!

Let your subconscious to do the job

Spirit, emotions, creativity cannot be calculated. It is a human magic thing which comes from somewhere deep inside. Let me remind that science says that we are using only few procents of our brain. The way to open your creativity is to let your subconscious to work.

From a childhood my father (many thanks him for that) introduced me with speed reading. This is magic of subconscious. You stop to hear words in your head but your perception of information increases in hundreds times. And do you know what I found: it’s really easy to set up on this in the morning when you conscious sleeps, letting subconscious to do the job.

Sleep when you want to sleep

Let it be instead of summary. I remind that I’m speaking from the point of a programmer. I say, sleep when you want to sleep, but I don’t mean, sleep all the time and be lazy

But if you feel lazy may it’s because you don’t like what you are doing. Dale said: “People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing.” Remember about it.

Start to work immediately after wake up. That’s why I think, it’s very bad if you have to go to office to get to your computer…

Do planning wise: remember that it must help you to surface only one task for the moment, but not to make you worry about big heap of your businesses.