How to read fast?

Nowadays there are plenty of good books about speed reading. And one of them you can download here (The Speed Reading

Monster Course

By Rie Busten )

Shortly remember the following list of simple things:

Never come back to read a page, line, word, even if it seems to you that you do not remember what was discussed there;

Do not follow a finger or pointer on the line;

Do not mumble or pronounces words, just look at the word, one word after another, one sentence after the other;

Do not try to understand the read words, sentences, paragraphs. Not conceptualize old;

Do not try to force remember what is written;

Do not get distracted when you read. Just look through the stitch-and-play marker;

The fact is that your brain has no need you to force it to think and in the same time it is difficult to make it to work slow! He is running very fast, and do not detract from its merits!

Remember slow reading is not natural for the brain. After some time of practice as you loose a bad habits of slow reading you find you read faster and in the same time remember more from your text.