There are many talks around new iOS 7 look. And mostly people don’t like the change. For me being Android user by faith

– this fact is interesting from that side that I earn on my life by software development for mobile platforms. So, to know last trends in this area is a must in my case.

Flattened Design of iOS 7 was mentioned to refresh and improve 6 years old iPhone’s OS look. And I don’t have anything against colors about which they say that it looks childish and not elegant this time. I instead most attention pay to the feel that this time Apple change its mote of “Think different” and it seems like this time they copied the idea from Microsoft and Android where this design concept appeared earlier…

iOS 7 still does not have Widgets. Still does not… but ok, they would better say that they have just better idea instead but no, they say:

In iOS 7 we don’t have widgets but the addition of dynamic wallpapers and live apps (ex. ticking clock icon) are subtle steps to make the OS more vivid.

ok.. In new iOS now appeared animated wallpaper. Does not sound familiar? That’s right, they are a long time in Android. Moreover, even the kind of wallpaper is very similar to those used in Google’s operating system. Sad: before Apple complained that others borrows ideas, and now seems to be the opposite.

Lets remember in what state Apple was before Steve Jobs return? And now when he left, and this time forever, is not it just a question of time that Apple will return to that state again?

How soon then? IMHO we have few years more: Apple is still in the lead in the smartphone market. But in recent years, Apple is not as absolute leader in the innovation of smartphones, as it was before.