My pleasure is to introduce you to one of my most exciting projects.

It’s social game with a referral-bonus system in the core. I will explain now. Imagine you have a beautiful virtual tree garden that you can care and decorate. But in difference from games like FarmVille, here you will never have problems with time, you do not need to wait for anything.

So, the story starts from a moment in that you buy your first tree seed. And you can buy it only from the people who are already in the game. It looks like this: you visit somebody’s garden and see their beautiful trees and a little market place with a button welcoming with a signature – “Dear stranger! Please, buy My Seeds :)”. Or something like that

The one seed costs $16. OK, you got your first seed and planted you first tree. It grows almost immediately as far as we agreed

What’s next? You want to start decorating, you need money. Where to get the money? Money here grows on the trees

And you just planted your first one. So, already, you want it to fruit! And ithere’s talk already about how trees grow here. So, to make money you need to make your trees grow more. And they grows when you invite other people in the game – sell them money tree seeds. Every direct sell brings you $8. So, you bought your first seed for $16 from someone and now can sell an unlimited count of seeds for $8. Is not it a way to become rich :p ??? But from another side, people buy the seed from you for $16 dollars and you get half this money. What happens to the other half? It goes to the service referral bonus system. The system has 4 levels. Each next level gets the half money from previous. So, the math is that: Imagine you sold 10 seeds, you get 10 x $8 = $80.

But then 10 of your buyers sold 10 seeds each too, you get:

10 x 10 x $4 = $400

To simplify the calculation further, imagine that all people make 10 sales for some period of time.

Then we have the next picture, from third level you get:

2 x 10 x 10 x 10 = 2000$

and last 4th level brings you the most:

1 x 10 x 10 x 10 x 10 = 10 000$


What do they call it? Yes, you got it! This is Multi Level Marketing, MLM. But we will call it referral-bonus system which is right too.

Some wiki links for you if you may be interested in the subject in general: