VK applications development is not very different with creating application for Facebook or to Web application development in general. This is post for the complete newbies and an answer to one of my young friends in India. If you count yourself a web developer – skip all the following!

To create IFrame application in VK, you would need to know some WEB technologies such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and lets say PHP and also most probably MySQL.

If you do not know this, it is unlikely you will be able to create an application on the first day. To study all this may take several months… (to know it good enough even several years – but that’s a different story:)

Start by learning HTML

IFrame-application (a very simple application of static pages) can be created without CSS, JavaScript, PHP or MySQL, but the knowledge of HTML is necessary. Write in google “HTML Tutorial” and start learning HTML. One week absolutely enough to start to understand HTML. Continuing to learn other programming languages?

Learn JavaScript and PHP

To create a functional IFrame application, you would need to learn a programming language.

You can learn even only one of these languages and already can to create dynamic applications, but for more serious applications need to study both the of JavaScript and PHP languages.

To begin, select any of them. Write in google “JavaScript Tutorial” or “PHP Tutorial”. Many different results on any test. Somebody likes to read books, others to watch videos.

Anyway you target is to start to understand the paradigm of programming. Not necessarily thoroughly learn all the JavaScript or PHP before you create your first simple application, but without knowledge of programming language nothing will turn out.

In the process of making your first simple applications, you will gradually increase your knowledge, for that look for information in books and other sources – now there is a lot of information.

Do not try to link the application with VK API from the very first time. Begin just with learn programming languages.

If you are learning JavaScript, you can further explore the work of the library jQuery – it can make learning of JavaScript more fun.

Note that that to learn the basics of JavaScript or PHP, you would need about a month…

Maybe you would need less time, depending on how serious you are tuned into your idea

Learn CSS

This step would be logical right after learning HTML. CSS will help to make you application to be more beautiful. But surely you would want to create your first application quickly…

Any write in google “CSS Tutorial” and just learn it

You already know what are variables, arrays, conditional statements and loops? Ok, cool! Good job! If you think that you already have an idea how to work with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP, you can look at documentation for VK API. Until you are learning here will be more post explaining VK API on my site

But another thing you still missing… I believe, during learning PHP you met the following thing many times…

Learn MySQL

If you want to create a serious application that will store some information, then learn how to work with databases.

“MySQL + PHP” – to search in Google.

To be continued!