PollCart Social Commerce for Shopify is available to all Shopify owners with easy installation and a free trial.

PollCart use a new social commerce method by giving undecided shoppers another chance to complete a sale before leaving — letting them ask family and friends for their approval of the purchase.If approved, the purchase is automatically processed, and the store gets a sale instead of an abandoned shopping cart statistic.

PollCart provides its online retailers with anonymous poll results and comments for unprecedented insight into customer decision-making.

Moreover PollCart is a forward-thinking new platform that turns shopping into an authentic Social Commerce® experience. Their users can easily know the consumer opinions of friends and loved ones after they decide to make a purchase. With PollCart, you can share their shopping experience in the same way you share your status updates, moods and feelings through your favourite social media platforms.They ultimately aim to empower consumers and help them make informed purchases based on the opinions and suggestions of real people they actually trust!