Bubble Pirate Quest is a Match 3 Shooter game that brings the latest generation of arcade games to your iOS device! Live a Pirate life, full of marine adventures, and shoot bubbles to find the Treasures.

No digging! Easy-to-master shooting will lead you to win in a series of challenging levels on each island. Go through all of them, and enjoy:

– Amazing gameplay

– More than 100 mysterious levels

– Lovely visuals and sounds

– Secret islands with real pirate treasures

– Сontests and sea battles

There’s way too much going on in a single scene, making it hard to tell which colored bubble is available next, as it’s half-hidden in a questionably helpful pirate parrot’s hands. What’s more, the blue and green bubbles are far too similar in shade, so it can also be hard to even tell which color bubble you’re shooting. Sure, the game offers a trajectory line that matches the color of the bubble you’re about to shoot (which helps), but why aren’t the bubbles simply colored better to begin with?

What’s more, the game contains a lot of advertising pop-ups encouraging players to purchase items with Credits, and some are even timed so that there is no way to close them until the timer counts down. Mid-level pop-ups are present too, only these come in the form of flying stars and words of encouragement that cover the screen for a few seconds after you destroy a large section of bubbles with a single pop. This isn’t a huge complaint in and of itself, but these little issues matter when they’re combined with everything else the game does to work against a player’s enjoyment.