I just love programming

I do it more than 10 years now! My favorite now is native iOS and Android. Also, sometimes I do cross platform or hybrid mobile projects and web.

1. Lenovo Yoga Pursuit

The set of applications for Lenovo.

It was a promotional social game on Facebook localised for 8 countries devoted to the promotion of Lenovo Yoga series devices. Now it is not available online. Additionally, there was developed a native android application which Lenovo suppose to preinstall on some devices – kind of quest to get better understanding the customers needs.

2. Scoot with Hi-5

2D game for kids for iOS and Android. Used C++, Cocos-2dx, native iOS, Android NDK

3. Bubble Pirate Quest

It is a Match 3 Shooter game. Native iOS application. Also you can try it on the facebook but I did iOS application

3. Qviky

Start up from Sweden, invested from Minecraft.

Makes video capturing of a device screen surface, video editing, social networking.

Native Android application for devices with Android version 5.0 and up

5. 12 Bar – iPad application for musicians

12Bar is the easiest way to create and share chord charts and set lists. Create and share lyrics, charts and sets with your band and friends. Intuitively designed by musicians for studio and live performance. With 12Bar, musicians can quickly create chord charts in the most elegant and intuitive way possible, with a tool that they already know how to use. You can have a complete chart ready to go in just minutes of downloading the app.

Dragging and dropping chords is so much fun, and creating the set lists is easy and painless. You can change the key of any chart after you’ve created it, and 12Bar automatically transposes the song for you. You can modify each chord just the way you want. Separate your song into sections. Make notes on charts and sets. Search your songs quickly and accurately. Perform your sets!

Create, edit, share and collect chord charts for reference while practicing or performing. Used by professional bandleaders and music teachers to create, share and perform. Free 12Bar reliable cloud server for Facebook friend sharing and backup tablet switching.

Use as a learning tool, performing on stage and in the studio. Guitar, piano, keyboard, organ, bass, ukulele, and banjo – acoustic and electric. Transpose to any key quickly – including different keys for different band members with capos.

6. UpBit Trader

Android Mobile market terminal UpBit Trader. With real time access you are able to trade anytime and anywhere.

– Trading cryptocurrencies on Upbit exchange

– Great volume of cryptocurrencies

– Fast and stability connection

– Huge scope of financial instruments

– Graphics and reports
7. Terracoin Wallet

With this app you always have your Terracoins`s with you, in your pocket! You can send payments simply by scanning a QR-code or by touching two phones together (NFC). Terracoin Wallet is designed to be easy to use and reliable, while also being secure and fast.


  • No cloud server or web service needed! This wallet is truly peer to peer.
  • Display of wallet balance in Terracoin and various other currencies.
  • Sending and receiving of Terracoin via NFC, QR-codes
  • Address book for regularly used Terracoin addresses.
  • Enter transactions while offline, will be executed when online.
  • Manages blockchain on your device (for enhanced security).
  • System notifications for received coins.