Onlinepay Wallet

OnlinePay Checkout — is a modern secure multi-currency e-commerce acquiring with a personal account, to control financial operations that can be integrated through direct API and ready-madeplugins for a number of CMS. The technology that our programmers used wereRuby on Rails.

Onlinepay wallet was developed in native applications, this means that we create separately a whole app for IOS and for Android users as well. At this point you will question yourself what is better a web or a native app ?

As opposed to mobile apps, developing a web app can be simple and quick – although it can also be complicated, depending on your requirements.

It’s often a good way to test out an idea before investing in a native mobile app.

However, if your web app is relatively simple and designed for desktop users over mobile, you may miss out on mobile traffic, engagement, and revenue opportunities. As you can see native applications give you a high quality of UX rather than web.

Mobile traffic had already surpassed desktop traffic, so developing for desktop first may not always be the right solution, particularly if parts of your business revolve around publishing content.