Well, note I did not say, best iOS developer or experienced or even professional iOS developer. Most of the cases I saw in my life, best choice is just a person who understand you right.In my previous post I already told that many IT fails happens exactly because of the lack of good communication between customer/business and performer/developer.

You can say that the best communication you have with your best friend but he understand nothing in iOS programming. Yes, good catch and this is the problem. I believe it would be perfect for most of customers to find a best friend in person of your application idea developer. We all need understanding, custom application development and our business care. Which can come only from true friend. But not from professional cold managers from most of software development companies.

Also I can not imagine that you can get it from outsourcing from India. Yes, they are very nice guys. But they still don’t fully understand our Western World. In most cases. I happy about you if you have different experience. Welcome to comments if you want to share your happiness.

I work myself in a software development company. Mostly I do software development and it is my favourite part.

But also I do all other things: communication, planning and reporting… Sometimes give advices about client’s app design, usability optimisation or performance improvement. I like to do my work good and to make the customers to be my friends.

I don’t mean that I am so universal person and you who read these lines can call me a friend already. But may be if we are similar minded people we open new page in our planet IT history. Why not, let’s give a try?

If we find a common language and you would need more – there are teams of excellent developer behind my back who be sure can to bring to life your wildest ideas!