I live now here on Cyprus and can suggest custom application development. This can be desktop application development: Apple Mac OS X, Windows, Linux. And mobile: iOS and Android. I prefer Apple application development which usually gives more satisfaction from a work because Apple’s production is still designed better

But anyway, I don’t work alone, behind me two teams – one in Ukraine and another in Singapore (main one). So, don’t afraid you can not overload me! Also we do social web applications for Facebook and other social networks. Create sites. Promote sites. And many other things. Speak with me. I’m hungry for communication

Take a look here it’s my wife’s blog. You see I want to make friends her on Cyprus, so come on – all the consultations are completely free

Again, on Cyprus I can suggest live communication with the customer. If you are not from Cyprus but want to work with me why not to come on this beautiful island of Aphrodite? For better inspiration! I think, Ferriss would say it is right move

You don’t know who is Tim Ferriss? This is cool guy who tell how to work wise – be tired less and make more.